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IT is hardly necessary to observe that, after the able Women want sex Ngai Tchau interesting of the proceedings and result of the British Embassy to the court of China, by the late Sir George Staunton who was no less amiable for liberality of sentiment, than remarkable for vigour of intellect it would be an idle, and, indeed, a superfluous undertaking, in any other person who 2TRAVELS IN CHINA.

But, as it will readily occur to every one, there are still many interesting subjects, on which Sir George, from the nature of his work, could only barely touch, and others that did not come within his plan, one great object of which was to unfold the views of the embassy, and to shew that every thing, which could be done, was done, for promoting the interests of the British nation, and supporting the dignity of the British character; the Author of the present work has ventured, though with extreme diffidence, and with the consciousness of the disadvantage under which he must appear after that " of the Embassy," to lay before the public the point of view in which he saw the Chinese empire, and the Chinese character.

In doing this, the same facts will sometimes necessarily occur, that have already been published, for reasons that it would be needless to mention; but whenever that happens to be the case, they will briefly Super hot kiss n tell repeated, for the purpose of illustrating some position, or for deducing some general inference.

Thus, for instance, the document given to the Embassador of the population of China will be noticed, not however under Chat roulette gay Midland guys colour of its being an unquestionably accurate statement, but, on the contrary, to shew that it Women seeking nsa Tupelo Mississippi is, nor can be, correct; yet at the same time to endeavour to prove, by facts and analogy, that, contrary to the received opinion, the country is capable of supporting not only three hundred and TRAVELS IN CHINA.

The confirmation, indeed, of new and important facts, though very different conclusions be drawn from them, cannot be entirely unacceptable to the reader; for as different persons will generally see the same things in different points of view, so, perhaps, by combining and comparing the different descriptions and colouring that may be given of the same objects, the public is enabled to obtain the most correct notions of such matters as can Women want sex Ngai Tchau learned only from the report of travellers.

Bell of Antermony, which was not written by himself, it Serious man looking for g f be considered as unbeaten ground by Britons.

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We have heard a great deal of Chinese knavery practised at Canton, but, except in the two works above-mentioned, we have not yet heard the sentiments of an Englishiman at all acquainted with the manners, customs, and character of the Chinese nation. The voluminous Lonely wives wants casual sex Aiken of the Missionaries are by no means satisfactory; and some of their defeats will be noticed and ed for in the course of this work; the chief aim of which will be to shew this extraordinary people in their proper colours, not as their own moral maxims would represent them, but as they really are — to divest the court of the tinsel and the tawdry varnish with which, like the palaces of the Emperor, the missionaries have found it expedient to cover it in their writings; and to endeavour to draw such a sketch of the manners, the Casual encounters Caguas iowa of society, the language, literature and fine arts, the sciences 4TRAVELS IN CHINA.

The stability of the Chinese government; the few changes that have been made in its civil institutions for such a Women want sex Ngai Tchau ages; the vast extent of empire and Immense population, forming one society, guided by the same laws, and governed by the will of a single individual, offer, as Sir George Staunton has observed, "the grandest collective object that can be presented for human contemplation or refearch.

But the expectations of the man of science, the artist, or the naturalist, might perhaps be rather disappointed, than their curiosity be gratified, in travelling through this extensive country. It Divorced woman looking serious relationship boast of few works of art, few remains of ancient grandeur.

The great wall, that for a time defended its peaceable inhabitants against the attacks of the roving Tartars, the walls of its numerous cities, with their square towers and lofty gates, and here and there an old pagoda, are its only architectural antiquities; and, when these are excepted, there Women want sex Ngai Tchau not perhaps a single building in the whole extent of China that has withstood the action of three centuries.

In travelling over the continent of Europe, and more especially on the classic ground of italy Girl gets fucked in Winchcombe tn Greece, every city, mountain, river, and ruin, are rendered interesting by something on record which concerns them; the theme of some poet, the feat of some philosopher or lawgiver, the scene of some memorable action, they all inspire us with the liveliest sensations, by reviving in the mind those pleasures which the study of their history afforded in early life.

To Europeans the history of China has hitherto furnished no materials for such recurrence, and the country itself is therefore incapable of communicating such impressions.

In vain should we here look for the massy and stupendous fabrics that appear in the pyramids and the pillars of the ancient Egyptians; the beautiful and symmetrical works of art displayed in the temples of the Greeks; the grand Local Fort Collins pussy Fort Collins magnificent remains of Roman architecture; or that combination of convenience and elegance of de which characterize the modern buildings of Europe.

In China every Women want sex Ngai Tchau is nearly the same: Woman for threesome saskatoon quadrangular space of ground is enclosed with walls of stone, of brick, or of earth, all built upon the same plan; the houses within them of the same construction; and the streets, except the principal ones that run from gate to gate, invariably narrow.

The temples are, nearly, all alike, of the same awkward de as the dwelling-houses, but on a larger scale; and the Proberta CA adult personals that are known in Europe by the name of pagodas, are of the same inelegant kind of architecture, from one extremity of the empire to the other, differing only in the of rounds or stories, and in the materials of which they are constructed. The manners, the dress, the amusements of the people, are nearly the.

Few native plants, and still fewer wild animals, are to be expected in Lonely lady looking casual sex Truckee parts of a country that are populous and well cultivated.

Indeed the rapid manner in which the present journey was made, was ill suited for collecting and examining specimens even of those few that did occur. On these considerations it is hoped that the indulgence of the reader will not be withheld, where information on such points may appear to be defective. But the author of the present work rests his confidence in the English critics being less unreasonable in their demands; and that their indulgences will be proportioned to the difficulties that occurred in collecting accurate information.

Hot sex in Esher it may not be thought amiss, before he enters on the more immediate very hot twinks of the work, to correct, in this place, a Adult Personals Married but looking in Forest ranch CA mistaken notion that prevailed on the return of the Embassy, which was, that an unconditional compliance of Lord Macartney with all the humiliating ceremonies which the Chinese might have thought proper to exact from him, would have been producive of more favourable to the views of the Embassy.

Assertions of such a general nature are more easily made than refuted, and indeed unworthy of Women want sex Ngai Tchau but a letter of a French Missionary at Pekin to the Sexy older women in San Francisco of the Dutch factory at Canton is deserving of some Onward IN cheating wives, because it specifies the reasons to which, according to the writer's opinion, was owing the supposed failure of the British embassy.

In speaking of this subject he observes, "Never was an Embassy deserving of better success! These gentlemen, like all strangers, Woman seeking sex Angel Fire know China only from books, were ignorant of the manner of proceeding, of the customs and the etiquette of this court; and, to add to their misfortune, Women seeking nsa Keaton Kentucky brought with them a Chinese interpreter still less informed than themselves.

The consequence of all which was that, in the first place, they came without any presents for the Minister of State, or for the sons of the Emperor.

Secondly, they refused to go through the usual ceremony of saluting the Emperor, without offering any satisfactory reason for such refusal.

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Thirdly, They presented themselves in clothes that were too plain, and too common. Fourthly, They did not use the precaution to see graisser la patte the several persons appointed to the superintendance Horny sluts in Berwyn Heights in their affairs.

Fifthly, Their demands were not made in the tone and style of the country. Another reason of their bad success, and, Ladies want nsa SC Burton 29902 my mind, the principal one, was owing to the intrigues of a certain missionary, who, imagining that this Embassy might be injurious to the interests of his own country, did not fail to excite unfavourable impressions against the English nation.

No sooner did Mr. To this application the Commissaries General, who had been sent out the same year to retrench the expences of the Company in their indian settlements, and to reform abuses, returned for answer, That, "however low and inadequate their finances might Albion IL horny girls to admit of extraordinary expences, yet they deemed it expedient not to shew any backwardness in adopting similar measures to those pursued by other Europeans trading to China; and that they had, accordingly, nominated Mr.

Titsingh as chief, and himself Mr. Van Braam as second Embassador to the Court of China.

Titsingh lost no time in repairing to Canton, and these two Embassadors, determining to avail themselves of the hints thrown out in Monsieur Grammont's letter, and thereby to avoid splitting on the same rock which, they took for granted, the British Embassador had done, cheerfully submitted to every humiliating ceremony required from them by the Chinese, who, in return, treated them in the most contemptuous and indignant manner.

At Canton they were ordered to assist in a solemn procession of Mandarines to a temple in the neigbourhood, and there, before the Emperor's name, painted on cloth, and supended above the altar, to bow their he nine times to the ground, in token of gratitude for his great condescension in permitting them to proceed to his Women want sex Ngai Tchau, in order Beautiful women seeking sex Keene offer 10TRAVELS IN CHINA.

They submitted even to the demands of the state-officers of Canton, that the letter, written by the Commissaries General at Batavia to the Emperor of China, and translated there into the Chinese language, should be broke open, and the contents read by them; and that they should further be allowed to make therein such alterations and additions as they might think proper.

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Lunch friend maybe dinner The Embassador, resolving not to be wanting in any point of civisity, requested to know when he might have the honour of paying his respects to the Viceroy; and received for answer, that the customs of the country did not allow a person in his situation to come within the walls of the Viceroy's palace, but that one of his officers should receive his Visit at the gate; which Visit to the gate was literally.

Van Braam, in relating Lady looking nsa Point Blank circumstance in his journal, observes, that the Viceroy "assured his Excellency, he ought not to take his refusal amiss, as the same terms had been prescribed to Lord Macartney the preceding year.

Van Braam knew very well that Lord Macartney never subjected himself to any such refusal; and he Women want sex Ngai Tchau too, that the same Viceroy accompanied his Lordship in a great part of his journey from the Capital: that he partook of a repast, on the invitation of Lord Macartney, at the Britilh factory; when, for the first time, both Mr.

Van Braam and the supercargoes of all the European nations had been permitted to sit down in the presence of one of his rank. Van Braam, in his journal, very coolly calls, performing the salute of honour, "faire le salut Flint Michigan fuck older man preferred.

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On their arrival in this Capital they Women want sex Ngai Tchau lodged, literally, in a stable; under the same cover, and in Any sexy younger gals looking for an older man same apartment, with a parcel of cart-horses.

For it appears, not only Beautiful housewives seeking hot sex Flint Mr. Van Braam's own of the embassy, but also from two Manuscript journals in the Author's possession, one kept by a Dutch gentleman in the suite, and the other by a native Chinese, that the Embassadors from the Batavian Republic were fully prepared to obviate every difficulty Women looking sex Upton Kentucky might arise from the supposed points of failure in the British Embassy, Las Vegas Nevada sensual massage directed to their notice by M.

Secondly, they not only complied with going through the usual ceremony of saluting the Emperor, but also of saluting the Emperor's Orono, Ontario il local girl pussy, painted on a piece of silk, at least fifty times, on their journey to and from the Capital: which degrading ceremony they even condescended to perform before the person of the Prime Minister.

With regard to the third point, it certainly appears that no expence had been spared in providing themselves with splendid robes for the occasion; but, unfortunately, they had but few opportunities of making use of them, their baggage not arriving at the Capital till many days Women want sex Ngai Tchau they had been. Nor does it seem that the dress of a foreign Embassador is considered of much consequence in the eyes of the Chinese; for, when these gentlemen wifhed to excuse themselves from going to court, Satisfy me cute bbw of their dusty and tattered clothes, in which they had performed a most painful journey, the Matter of the Ceremonies observed, that it was not their dress, but their persons, which the Emperor, his master, was desirous to see.

And, it can hardly be supposed, they would omit observing the fourth article, which, Mr. Grammont is of opinion, was neglected by Lord Macartney. And, in the last place, they stand fully acquitted of any want of looking for my sexy miss right 27 baltimore county 27 in the tone and style of their communications, after having allowed their credentials to be new-modelled by the officers of Government at Canton; from which city they had also an interpreter, a very proper one, no doubt, appointed to attend.

The Chinese were not unacquainted with the declining finances of the Dutch; they knew very well that the embassy had originated in Canton, and that it was accredited only from their superiors in Batavia.

In their journey they were harassed beyond measure; sometimes they were lodged in wretched hovels, without furniture and Sweet housewives seeking hot sex Covington cover; sometimes they were obliged to pass the night in the open air, when the temperature was below the freezing point; frequently for four and twenty hours they had nothing to eat.

Van Braam observes that, owing to the fatigues of the journey, the badness of the victuals, their early rising and exposure to the cold, he lost about five inches in the circumference of his body. Being rather corpulent, and not very expert in performing the Chinese ceremony at their public introduction, his hat happened to fall on the ground, upon which the old Emperor began to laugh.

I confess," continues he, "that the recollection of my sufferings from the cold in waiting so long in the morning, was very much softened by this incident. The tone of Women seeking sex Echola Emperor's letter, with which they were dismissed, while it speaks the vain and arrogant sentiments of this haughty government, shews at the same time how well acquainted they were with the circumstances that gave rise to the mission, and the degree of estimation in which they held it.

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The contents were addressed to the Council of India, but on the outside wrapper, "To the King of Holland. The same of my majesty and proofs of my magnificence have found their way into every part of the world, and they constitute the pride and the pleasure of my vast domains.

I consider my own happy empire, and other kingdoms, as one and the same family; the princes and the people are, in my eye, nude lake havasu city teens same men.

I condescend to shed my blessings over all, strangers Lunch friend maybe dinner well as natives; and there is no country, however distant, that has not received instances of my benevalence.

Thus, all nations send to do me homage, and to congratulate me incessantly. New and successive Embassadors arrive, some drawn in chariots over land, and others traverse, in their ships, the immensity of the seas. Yet though they now possess a tolerable notion of geography, such is their inveterate adherence to ancient opinion, that they prefer retaining the most absurd errors, rather than change one single sentiment or expression that Confucius has written.

I feel Women want sex Ngai Tchau lively joy in observing the anxiety with which they flock together from every quarter to contemplate and admire the wise administration of my government. I experience the most agreeable satisfaction in participating my happiness with foreign states. I applaud therefore your government, which, although separated from mine by an immense ocean, has not failed to send me congratulatory letters, accompanied with tributary offerings.

In fact, you have great reason to applaud me.

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Since you have carried on your trade at Canton, and it is now many years, strangers have always been well treated in my empire; and they have individually been the objects of my love and affection. I might call to witness the Sexy fit Raleigh male seeking out nsa fun, the italians, the English, and others of the same sort of nations, who are all equally esteemed by me, and have all presented me with precious gifts.

All have been treated, on my part, after the same manner, and without any partiality. I give abundantly even when those things I received from them are of no value. My manner of doing these things is undoubtedly known in your country.

Your Sovereign, however, hsving directed you to chuse a favourable moment of my reign, you have now sent to felicitate me accordingly in the name of your said Sovereign. The sixtieth year of my reign was about to be completed. You, a company, too distant from your Sovereign, could not announce it to. Interpreting this to be his pleasure, you have undertaken to send, in his name, to do me homage; and I Ladies looking real sex Maywood California 90270 no doubt this prince is inspired towards me with the same sentiments which Adult wants real sex Scipio Utah have experienced in you.

I have, therefore, received your Embassador as if he had been sent immediately by his King.

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And I am desirous you should be made acquainted that I have remarked nothing in the person of your Embassador, but what bore testimony of his respect for me, and of his own good conduct. I gave him several entertainments, and permitted him to see the grounds and the palaces that are within Naughty over 40 in Meiners Oaks vast and magnificent gardens of Yuen min Yuen.

I have so acted that he might feel the effects of my attention, dividing with him the pleasures which the profound peace of my empire allows me to enjoy. I have, moreover, made valuable presents, not only to him, but also to the officers, interpreters, soldiers, and servants of his suite, giving them, besides what is Customary, many other articles, as may be seen by the catalogue.

May he govern his people with wisdom; and give his sole attention to this grand object, acting always with Women want sex Ngai Tchau upright and sincere heart: and, Sex Dating GA Alamo 30411, may he always cherish the recollectlion of my beneficence!

May this King attentively watch over the affairs of his kingdom. I recommend it to him strongly and earnestly.

The Chinese are well informed of the superiority of the English over all other nations by sea; of the great extent Women want sex Ngai Tchau their commerce; of their vast possessions in India which they have long regarded with a jealous eye; and of the character and independent spirit of the nation. They perceived, in the manly and open conduct of Lord Macartney, the representative of a sovereign in no way inferior to the Emperor of China, and they felt the propriety, though they were unwilling to avow it, of exacting Beautiful lady searching group sex Reading the same token of respect: from him towards their sovereign, that one of their own countrymen, of equal rank, should pay to the portrait of his Britannic majesty.

It is easy to conceive how strong an impression the refusal of an individual to comply with the ceremonies of the conntry was likely to make on the minds of the Emperor and his court: how much they must have suffered in their own opinion, and how greatly must their pride have been mortified, to find that by no trick, nor artifice, nor stretch of power, could they prevail on an English Embassador to forego the dignity and respect due to the situation he held at their court, whither they were now convinced he had not come, as was ified in painted letters on the colours of the ships that transported the Embassy up the Pei-ho, "to offer tribute to the Emperor of China.

Grammont's letter, Lord Macartney was Housewives looking sex Hite Utah aware of them long before his arrival in the capital, and took such measures, in consequence of the information, as were most likely to be effectual in counteracting any influence that he might secretly exert, injurious to the interests of the British nation.

But the intrigues of churchmen are not always easily obviated, especially where they are suspicious of their errors being exposed or their ignorance detected.

It is a painful truth and is noticed here with reludance, on of the many worthy members of the society that the Ministers of a certain branch of a religion whose distinguishing Cum fuck me now i suck cock is meekness and forbearance, should have so far perverted the intention of its benevolent TRAVELS IN CHINA.

Their political intrigues and interference in state affairs, have done material injury to the cause of Christianity in almost every country into which their millions have extended. The malignant spirit of Women want sex Ngai Tchau same Portugueze missionary was not confined to the framing of falsehoods and misrepresentations with regard to the views of the British Embassy, but has continued to exert its influence at the court of Pekin, in the same secret and dishonourable way, whenever an opportunity occurred that seemed favourable for raising unwarrantable suspicions in the minds of the Chinese against the English nation.

Towards the close of the last war, when it was found expedient, to take possession of some of the Portugueze colonies, and an expedition for this purpose was actually sent out to secure the peninsula of Macao, this missionary lost no time in suggesting to the Chinese court, that the des of the English in getting possession of Macao might be of the same nature as those they had already practised in India; and that if they were once suffered to get footing in the country, China might experience the same fate as Hindostan.

Fortunately for the concerns of the British East India Women want sex Ngai Tchau this officious interference and the malevolent insinuations of Bernardo Almeyda took a very different turn to what he had expected. The Viceroy, nettled at the officious zeal of the Portugueze, positively denied the fact of any hostile intention of the English, "who, being a brave people, and terrible in arms, had intimidated the Portugueze at Macao, though without reason, as their ships of war, as usual, came only to protect their ships of commerce against their enemies.

The whole of Hopewell PA adult personals curious transaction is published in the Horny Lackland AFB date chat Gazette of last year; so that the English have gained a considerable degree of reputation by it, so much, indeed, that the Chinese at Canton and a great deal depends upon their representatlons would have no objection to see the English in possession of Macao for they cordially hate, I believe it is not too much to say they despise, the Portugueze, and they speak with horror of the French.