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Latin wants to have fun

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vocabulary - How to render "'Fun is Good' -Dr. Seuss" in Latin? - Latin Language Stack Exchange

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Changing to a verb would have felt too drastic, and, frankly, I think gaudium is a good general translation for "fun". It is related to the verb gaudere.

40 nude camp. For more details on what gaudium means, see the entry in Lewis and Short. Part II of the entry is most relevant here, and it explicitly mentions that it can be used like the English "joy".

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For comparing different Latin words for "joy", see this question. If you decide to go with, say, laetitia instead, you can simply plug it into my suggestion. Since the word order is pretty free, this leaves a lot of room for ambiguity.

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In addition, since bonum is an adjective and gaudium is neuter, you could parse gaudium bonum est as "this is good fun" or something similar. So there is a reason to avoid a simple nominative, but, again, it shouldn't be Housewives wants real sex Interlachen Inverness heavy in Latin.

There is a construction known as the final dative dativus finalis. There are even attestations of the very phrase bono est.

Latin wants to have fun I Am Looking Sex Meeting

You can translate gaudium bono est Men and women having sex for free "fun is for good" with or without the preposition. Other examples of this structure: Hoc nobis usui est. Hoc nobis exemplo est. This dative often comes with another dative, indicating the beneficiary.